Student at CSUN. Interested in computers, the multiverse, accessibility and the dry crackle sound a sand castle makes when it is ready to collapse. (pronouns: they or he)

Anonymous asked: are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

I wasn’t planning to.

The Trivial Lexicon: I think a lot of what maybe doesn’t make me the best student or most... →
library is cold
paper will not write itself
cry in a corner

— Haiku written on laptop screen of girl next to me in huge font. She is asleep and no paper is evident anywhere. (via peopleafraidtomerge)

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Bing Cleans Up →
I am not capable of grammatical errors. Any “typo” reflects my emotional state at the time I was writing, which is important to convey. I thought you were smart enough to get that.

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